Scorpion Fish
  Scorpionfish are fun because they are a challenge to spot they are usually well camouflaged, and they have some risk associated with them since their spines are very poisonous. Care is needed to avoid mistakenly touching them. But since they are passive, patient hunters they can be approached easily and their endless range of colours and textures admired and photographed.
 This one has faded his colours to match a bowl coral, but he can't match the dotted texture.

This one is on a more colourful background and has included pinks and orange tones in his skin. I've not seen how quickly they can change colour, and don't plan to pick one up to try changing its background as a science experiment ! His tassels are well developed.

Lionfish are close relatives of scorpionfish, but they are more active.  They swim slowly around in protected areas of reefs and wrecks
OK, so I like this fellow.  He was near the end of our first dive at Balicasag off Bohol in Philippines.  Perched on the end of a rock about 10m down the wall he was perfectly posed and not bothered how close I poked my lens.
This one has adopted greens and purples to match teh surroundings. He was near Verde Isl. Philippines.


Updated 1 Feb 2001