Jan2001 marine life pictures

Here are some pictures from a trip to Puerto Galera, Philippines in Jan 2001. All taken with a Sony video camera and available light at depths to 27m. Today Feb 2nd, I don't have my books to look them all up - I'll add genus & species later if I can identify them
This is a flat worm, it is different to a nudibranch in that is a worm relative not a mollusc, and so it has no gill structure or rhinophores (aerial like stalks at the head end) instead it has two folds in the head end skirt - lower left in this picture.  If forced to swim the do so by undulating the body in wave motion.
A cuttle fish head on . This one has not matched the background and changed little in about 2 minutes I spent filming it. Other cuttle fish I have on film have colour stripes flowing across their bodies - looking very like UFO's are depicted on film.
An Octopus - still mostly hidden in a hole.  They are rarely seen completely exposed, and when they are the usually move very fast to hide again.  Colour changes can be very fast
Above Left - A seapen living in a sandy bottom at 20m
Above right - a school of fish through the frames of a wooden wreck (St.Christopher)
Left - A Flying Gurnard. Not normally seen in the day time. Swims near the bottom with a waddling motion, a prominent spine behind the head sticks up like a mast.
Above left - two very colourful nembrotha nudibranchs mating
Above right - anemone fish in a bubble anemone.
Left - a chromodoris nudibranch showing the feathery gill structures.