Three family diaries.

I have chosen a very small sample of entries from three family diaries that I found interesting. I have read none through completely so no doubt there are even more amusing or interesting parts.

The oldest was written in 1829-30 by Rev. Jackson Muspratt-Williams of his trip to India employed by the East India company. About half the diary covers the 21 week trip out and half his time in India before he died in 1832 aged just 30. He was my great-great-great grandfather. I visited St.Mary's church in Madras which is mentioned in the diary. Here are pictures of St.Mary's Church

The second was written by Rosamond Leeds ( my grandmother) in Burma and England from 1907 to 1914 including the start of WW 1.

The third is not strictly a diary but the official record of the actions of the 10th Cavalry Brigade in Palestine in 1918.  I have taken the account of the action at Afule, possibly the last successful cavalry charge.  A whole Turkish battalion was captured or killed without loss by the Indian regiment.  Capt Davison (my grandfather) was leading the 2nd Lancers of the Indian Army after the more senior officers were taken sick.